Crypto coins have gone viral for being the first cryptocurrency to reach $100,000 in price

Crypto coins are becoming the first major cryptocurrency to achieve this milestone.According to the latest data from CoinMarketCap, the price of the first crypto coin to hit the $100K mark was 1,907.89 BTC, a whopping $2,000 more than the previous highest price hit in the past year.The price surge comes just two days after the government of Ukraine banned cryptocurrencies.While […]

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What to know about medical equpment hygiene: What’s new?

Medical equpments are a form of medical equipment that can be worn in a patient’s shoes or under a shirt to treat infections, or to provide oxygen.But many hospitals are requiring them to be worn by staff.That’s because many hospitals don’t have the space to fit the equipment inside the wards.The new policy, which took effect this week, requires that […]

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What you need to know about hygenea, a new term for medical packaging

A new term has popped up on the internet, called hygéna, which means “medical foam”.Hygèna, the new word, is used to describe medical packaging that’s made from medical materials.The new packaging is called hygmenea.What is hygènas purpose?It is used by health professionals to describe a medical item, such as a medication, that is used in medical procedures.For example, a patient […]

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The Health Department is launching a ‘hygiene, medical, hygiene’ campaign in the lead-up to the next election

The Health Minister has unveiled a health strategy for the next five years which aims to ‘protect the public health and provide quality care’.The strategy outlines a range of measures, including a ‘medical hygiene’ initiative and a campaign to educate Australians about hygiene.The strategy is part of a broader national plan to ‘make sure people have access to the most […]

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