How To Make It in 5 Minutes

Health care professionals are spending a lot of time talking about foaming, foaming products and the importance of cleanliness in their work.But there is no scientific evidence to prove they are effective.The American Academy of Pediatrics has warned against foaming as a way to help people with diarrhea and flatulence.A study in Japan found that a 30-minute foaming session increased […]

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When it comes to health and hygiene, medical hygiene standards can vary wildly from state to state

A recent review of the medical hygiene industry by researchers at Stanford University found that states vary greatly in the quality and extent to which they adhere to national standards for the best way to clean up after patients, the researchers found.The review, published in the medical journal The Lancet, found that each state’s medical-hygiene standards are different, and the […]

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How to get the most out of your healthcare bill

Medical equipment is a must when it comes to protecting yourself from the elements.The more of it you have, the better, according to a new survey.But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.Here’s how you can avoid getting stuck with bills for the most part, as well as how you should pay attention to your insurance.Medical equipment is expensive.Medical equipment can cost […]

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