Dr. Kluwe, the former Minnesota Vikings quarterback who became a household name for his anti-Trump “Dr. Chris” meme, received a “medical care provider” status for the first time on Wednesday.

The “medical-hygiene” status was first introduced in 2016 and can be granted to individuals who “have been practicing a qualified medical profession for a period of at least five years” and are registered to practice in the state of Minnesota.

Kluwis health insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, is responsible for providing health insurance coverage for him.

Kluwe was recently diagnosed with a form of blood cancer called Hodgkin’s lymphoma and, according to ESPN, was forced to miss a significant portion of the 2016 season with the disease.

He returned in early 2017, and he finished his career with the Minnesota Vikings as a backup quarterback.

Kruwe tweeted a message of support for the status on Wednesday morning, writing, “It’s time for everyone to understand that it’s not about us, it’s about the people.”

Kluwis tweet prompted backlash from some people on social media, who claimed it was a sign that Kluwe was too politically correct to be granted a medical provider status.

Kluws tweets drew condemnation from conservatives, including former President Donald Trump, who tweeted that it “makes me sick to my stomach.”

Krauthammer also tweeted that he “would never call for Kluwe to be fired” for expressing his views, and that he was “proud” to support the status.

Krauchummer tweeted that the new status “is a huge step in the right direction” for Kluwys case.

He also noted that the status will not be available to everyone, so if Kluwe has a family member with blood cancer, they can still get the status if they qualify.

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