Make sure you’re using the correct type of cleaning solution, or you may end up with a nasty mess.

There are plenty of brands out there, but they’re not necessarily what you want.

If you’re a DIYer and have trouble deciding which one to use, read our guide to choosing the right medical device cleaning solution.


Always wipe down your hands before you use it.

If the dirty side of your hands looks like you’ve gotten a little dirty, you’re not using the right cleaning solution or the right way.

Clean your hands thoroughly before you try any new product.


Don’t be afraid to try a new product you didn’t know you needed.

It’s important to find a manufacturer that offers a medical device that is compatible with your condition, and to test them out.


If there’s a product that’s not working for you, make sure it works for you.

Some products work well and others don’t.

The best thing to do is keep experimenting and finding the right product for you!


When you need to replace a medical product, consider what you need and whether the company is trustworthy.

This can be especially important if you have a medical condition or your medical equipment is malfunctioning.


Consider the company’s pricing before you buy.

You’re going to pay more for the same medical device if you buy from a company that’s cheaper.

This is because medical equipment can cost more than what you would pay at a local drugstore.


Make a note of any warranty questions.

If your medical device is still working when you try to replace it, you may have to pay a hefty price tag.

Read our tips on what to do if your medical devices or medical equipment are defective.


Use an online tool to track your medical information.

This will help you make an informed decision about any medical devices that you buy or use.

It can also help you save money on shipping.


Get medical device reviews from the doctors and medical devices themselves.

These doctors and devices can be trusted, and you may be able to save money by getting the information directly from the manufacturer.

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