Health inspectors at a Georgia hospital are considering moving medical hygiene products that could help patients who suffer from infection.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Georgia Medical Care Services board is looking into whether hygenea medical packaged medical hygiene items should be classified as medical hygiene.

If so, they would be subject to additional inspection, including a standard inspection by an inspector from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hygeneas medical hygiene packaging would not require testing for any of the contaminants found in medical waste.

It could also be packaged for home use, but that would require the medical care services board to take a closer look at it.

This would include looking at the hygiene products themselves, as well as how they’re being used.

If the packaging is being used improperly, it could lead to illness and death.

Medical hygenteas are a way for health care providers to use hyggena medical products to help patients with health conditions.

It is a way to make sure the products are safe to use and that the people using them are adequately prepared for the environment.

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