The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched a new program to help medical providers in rural communities get vaccinated.

The initiative will be called the Vaccine for Rural Communities program, and it will work through a community-led effort to help people get their shots.

The program will allow people to get shots for free from participating healthcare providers.

The goal of the program is to help reduce the spread of the new coronavirus by increasing vaccination rates and getting people to go to the doctor for a second shot.

“The vaccine is going to help the population in this rural area that are struggling with the outbreak,” Dr. David Gorski, a CDC epidemiologist, said in a statement.

“We will have to be more aggressive and do more to get more people vaccinated and to reach a wider base of people who are likely to benefit the most from this vaccine.”

The vaccine for rural communities will include the three vaccines that were tested in the U.S. in 2017: a shot for adults (the pneumococcal vaccine) and a shot that targets adults who are already vaccinated with the pneumococcus vaccine.

The pneumococci vaccine was also given to pregnant women in the first year of the pandemic.

It also has been given to older adults and people with chronic illnesses.

The CDC said the pneumoconiosis vaccine was a hit.

“People were able to get the pneumonococcus shot in a timely fashion, so the outbreak has been contained, and this vaccine has been able to stop the pandemics spread,” Dr, Gorski said.

The Centers also said the vaccine will be given to more people who haven’t received the pandemaker vaccine.

People who are not already vaccinated can get the vaccine for free, and those who are can receive the pneumconiosis vaccine at any doctor’s office.

The first shots will be distributed to people in communities where they are likely already to get vaccinated, and will go out to those who don’t have access to health care.

The vaccine is also aimed at people who aren’t vaccinated in the same way.

The team said the goal of this program is for people to have access.

“This vaccine will allow healthcare providers to help them get their second shot, and that will help us get to a wider population that is going be most impacted by the pandeweens pandemic,” Gorski told ABC News.

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