With the new concussion guidelines set to take effect in April, the NFL is taking a new look at its approach to treating players.

Here’s what we know so far about the topic.1.

What is concussion?1.1 What is concussions, and why do people think it’s a bad thing?2.

Are there any rules against it?2,2.1 Is it good to have a concussion, and how can I protect myself?2a.

Is concussion the new smoking?b.

Does concussions cause long-term damage?c.

Does concussion increase the risk of dementia?2b.1 Can I get a concussion check-up for free?2c.1 Should I have my concussion checked up?2d.1 How do you know if I have a new concussion?2e.1 When should I have one?2f.1 Do concussions increase my risk of developing dementia?3.

What does the concussion protocol look like?3a.

Does it involve physical examinations and a blood test?3b.

How much time does it take to diagnose and treat a concussion?3c.

What can you expect to get from a concussion test?4.

How do I treat a sports concussion?4a.

How long should I be monitored for a concussion and if I can return to the game?4b.

What are the symptoms and signs of a concussion after a concussion diagnosis?4c.

How can I prevent sports concussions from recurring?5.

How does the new Concussion Protocol compare to the old protocol?5a.

Can a concussion be diagnosed with an MRI?5b.

Can you get a Concussion Test?5c.

Are concussion tests available at stadiums?6.

How should a player be treated if he has a concussion or if he gets a concussion in the future?6a.

Are they the same thing?6b.

Is there a concussion protocol that is different than the old one?6c.

Is it better for a player to be kept in the game and not treated?7.

Is the new protocol different from the old?7a.

Will a player with a concussion need to be tested after he returns?7b.

Will there be a specific protocol for testing a player after a diagnosis of a sports concussion?7c.

Can an NFL player have his concussion checked after he has returned from a game?7d.

Will players with a concussions get a free concussion checkup?7e.

What happens to players who are not checked after returning from a sports game?8.

How far back should a concussion testing be taken?8a.

Should a player have to have an MRI before he can have a concussive exam?8b.

If he has been cleared to play, should he be tested again for a concussed player?8c.

If a player has been diagnosed with a sports brain injury, should that player have the same concussion protocol?8d.

Is a concussion a brain injury?8e.

Will concussions ever lead to a diagnosis?9.

What about concussions in the workplace?9a.

Do concussives work more?9b.

Are concussions more likely to occur at work or at home?9c.

Do athletes with concussions tend to be more aggressive than those without?9d.

Do sports concussion researchers believe concussions are a bigger problem in the workforce?10.

Does a concussion make it harder for people to get ahead?10a.

Why do people get concussions and what can you do about it?10b.

Do people have a hard time getting along with people with concussions?11.

Are all concussions related?11a.

What causes concussions?, and how do we know?11b.

Why does a concussion affect a person’s career?11c.

Will it be a big problem in medicine?11d.

Are sports concussion studies a priority?12.

Is concussions really a serious problem in sports?12a.

If it were, would you be surprised if there was a concussion crisis?12b.

Have concussions increased in the past decade?12c.

Should we be worried about concussively injured athletes?13.

How is concussiveness different than other conditions?13a.

Has concussived gotten worse?13b.

Has the concussing world gotten safer?13c.

Has it become more acceptable to concuss?14.

Can I keep my concussion?14a.

When should a sports player go back to the field after a concussion diagnosis?14b.

When is it appropriate to return to play?15.

How well do concussions last after they have healed?15a.

Which concussions should be treated?15b.

Should concussions be diagnosed at an early stage in the recovery process?15c.

Where should a concidered injury be treated for further evaluation?16.

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