When NFL teams are asked to comment on medical foam equipment, the responses are generally the same.

“We don’t have anything for that,” said one source.

“There is no foaming.”

There are, however, a few players that do have foaming equipment that can be used to replace it.

Some of those players are players like DeMarcus Ware, who used to use a helmet that was supposed to have a foaming surface on the side of it.

“I think you need a new helmet, but it’s a new idea,” Ware said of foaming pads.

“That is the first thing you need to learn.”

Ware’s helmet was replaced by a foam one, but he still wears it, with the helmet replaced by foam.

Another source told Bleacherreport that Ware was a big proponent of foams because he believes they can improve the performance of the equipment.

“For DeMarcus, he used to play with the helmets that were foamed,” said the source.

The reason why players like Ware and Ware use foams over foams is because foams are more comfortable to wear.

“When you have to wear something, the padding has to be on the inside,” said another source.

Players also say they find that foams make it easier to handle the injuries and pain caused by a concussion.

“It just feels better to play and feel better, instead of being a little more sore,” said Ware.

While foams do help, they also do more harm than good.

They can cause damage to the padding, which is what can lead to players being forced to wear a mask or a glove when the player takes a hit.

There are also other problems with foams.

Some players say that foaming does not have the same level of durability as foam.

“You can get a little bit of foam, but that’s nothing compared to a foamed helmet,” said a source.

This also means that the foam can get damaged during the course of a game, and this can lead players to suffer from a concussion and potentially even die.

Foam pads also can become damaged during contact with the padding or even when used by a player, and if used by another player, they can cause injury to the player, or the padding itself, which can lead them to injure their neck or other parts of their body.

According to a source, the NFL has had to make changes to their training protocol in the past due to injuries that have occurred.

One of those changes was a change in the use of foam pads.

The league said that it is working on a foam replacement for the league and that they will be releasing an update later this year.

For now, the league does not provide any information on the use or safety of foamed pads.

But the NFL does have a rule that requires all players to wear protective equipment when playing.

“If you don’t wear it, it’s going to be a little hard to play,” said an NFL source.

That is something that the league will not be changing anytime soon, with most players choosing to wear their own helmet.

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