A couple in southern Alberta is helping their newborn and infant’s immune system, and it’s working.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has said the newborn’s immune response is working and is expected to be “well-controlled” by the time it’s six weeks old.

The baby is recovering from surgery to remove a tumor from his spine, and his immune system is working well.

“Our pediatrician has been absolutely terrific,” said Dr. Michelle Beecham, the medical director of health services for the community.

There have been no major complications so far, Beechams added.

As far as the newborns immune system goes, the AHS says the baby is healthy and is healthy-ish.

He’s not receiving any immunotherapy.

In the meantime, he’ll be monitored daily and he’s not yet at risk of getting any infections.

“The baby will be monitored in the intensive care unit and he will have his own bed and bedside manner,” Beechums told CBC News.

Beecham says her staff are not treating the baby as if he’s going to have any complications.

They are taking precautions, but they’re not taking him off the ventilator.

What does this mean for your family?

“He will be safe and healthy,” Bechams said.

She said this is just the beginning for the newborn.

He’ll have more testing and more follow-up, including an X-ray.

He will also need to stay in the ICU for another month or two.

At this point, it’s unknown how long he will stay in there.

But it will be a challenge for him to get into a medically appropriate environment and keep him safe.

“I’m not going to be able to let my child go home until he’s healthy,” she said.

“We’ll have to be sure that he’s comfortable with that.”

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