Health care professionals are often asked to stay out of the eyes and ears, but this is just part of the job.

Here are 10 tips for maintaining the healthy state of your eyes and hearing.


Don’t leave a coffee cup or plate unattended.

While a coffee or hot meal might be a good idea, leave a small piece of food or beverage on the counter or countertop.

Donít leave anything unattended, even in the kitchen or living room.

It could spread germs or bacteria, and can lead to more food poisoning.


Keep a healthy diet.

Keep up with your daily calories, and make sure you donít restrict your intake of foods you don’t want to.

If you are not eating a healthy, balanced diet, you could be putting yourself at risk of developing a food allergy or food intolerant condition.


Use common sense.

Itís also important to follow all the guidelines in the Food Allergy and Allergy Guidelines for Adults.

Donate your unused food scraps to the Food Pantry.


Make sure your home is clean and tidy.

Be mindful of all the things you put in your home and outside, including all your personal belongings.

Donât forget to clean up after yourself.


Drink lots of water.

Donôt drink or use a lot of liquids that contain sugar or other sweeteners.


Use the proper eye protection.

Donît wear goggles that can interfere with your vision or cause irritation.


Keep an eye on your body temperature.

Be sure to wear gloves when washing your hands and make certain you donât wash your hands with soap or soap products.


Don´t drive while wearing goggles.


Stay hydrated.

You should drink plenty of fluids and eat a balanced diet.

You can get an accurate medical history by visiting the health care provider who has evaluated you and by checking the Health Canada website.


Be cautious when taking your medications.

Don�t take your medicine while you are at work, at school or at the movies.

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