A new agreement between the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration means that the two sides are moving forward on the idea of labeling medical products with “medical hygiene only.”

The CDC says that the proposal is an effort to reduce “misinformation” about vaccines, while the FDA says it’s an effort “to improve transparency and consistency.”

The proposed labeling is not expected to take effect until late 2019.

The new agreement follows a push by the pharmaceutical industry, which argued that the FDA was overstepping its authority in making medical products, like vaccines, exempt from mandatory labeling.

That argument has led to fierce battles between the two agencies.

The FDA and CDC are in talks about a second proposal, one that would require labeling of any products with a drug’s active ingredient, called the active ingredient.

The two agencies are also in talks on a third proposal, which would require the labeling of products with drugs’ inactive ingredients, called dosing formulations.

The third proposal would also require labeling for products with ingredients not used in the active ingredients, known as inactive ingredients.

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