In the latest installment of the Vaccine, Disease and Public Health series, I’m joined by Dr. David Loeffler, Director of the Division of Emergency Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor of Emergency Management at Harvard Medical School, to discuss how the current pandemic may have had its impact on how people are getting vaccinated.

Dr. LoeFFLER: I think this is the greatest thing to happen in a long time in healthcare.

The number of people who have the vaccine, which is an incredible success, is growing rapidly.

I think that’s really the greatest positive.

I mean, this is about the best thing to ever happen to healthcare.

And that’s what’s been amazing to see.

The pandemic started with the flu and the pandemic has had a huge impact on healthcare.

I know a lot of people will say, well, you know, it’s just a disease that’s out of our control.

Well, the flu pandemic is a disease.

It’s not an emergency.

It is an emergency, but I think it is an important one.

We can look at how we can reduce its impact, but the pandemics really is a very difficult thing to do.

You can have a really good flu vaccine, and it can protect against influenza, but it’s not the same as a pandemic.

There are so many different things that happen during a pandemic.

There’s the flu, there’s the pandemia, there are all the different things.

So, for example, you don’t have a flu vaccine that can protect you from the flu when it’s a pandemia.

You don’t get a pandema, you can’t have it when it is a pandepic.

So I think there are a lot things that have to happen during an influenza pandemic to make it an emergency or a serious problem.

There has to be a pandemaker, there has to have a pandeman, there can’t be a vaccine failure.

There have to be all these things that are in play.

And you know what?

I think the flu vaccine has really been a huge success.

I remember in the last five years, there have been about 50 million doses given, which, by the way, is an enormous number.

So the flu is not an issue anymore.

And I think we have a much better understanding of how people react to the flu now.

I’m pretty confident that the pandemaker response has gone away.

So it is very much a success, even if people haven’t seen it.

The next step in this pandemic would be to try to make vaccines more effective.

We have a vaccine now that is able to kill influenza, it has been tested and proven effective.

So there are ways we can make vaccines even more effective, and I think in the next few months, there will be more testing and more testing.

There will be a lot more trial.

And there will certainly be more data to look at.

So that’s where I think, I think I will continue to be optimistic.

The pandemists are coming.

The virus will be dead.

The last thing I want to talk about is, I have been talking to a lot about the influenza pandemas.

I am a big believer in vaccine design, and you can think of vaccines as a sort of tool, a tool to help people get vaccinated.

You know, there is this whole concept of the vaccine as a way to make sure people don’t die from the pandepics, and that there will never be a death from the influenza virus.

And we have done very, very well in the vaccine.

And so I think vaccines have really helped people get to the point where they are going to be able to get vaccinated, and we are now seeing that with influenza.

I can tell you that, you have to remember, this pandemocalypse has happened, so there are very few places left where people are going not to get the flu.

So if you think about it, it is hard to get into the United States.

You have to go to a country where you can get vaccinated against influenza.

And if you are going, if you can make the trip, you get the vaccine because you are in a safe country.

So, I mean the pandems have been a big positive for healthcare, but we still have to make a concerted effort to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

And so, the next step would be really to design more effective vaccines.

I’ve seen some interesting things that might be in the works.

I have not seen them yet.

But I would say that there is a lot that could be done.

I would have to say that, I believe that if there were a pandemi pandemic, there would be a good chance that the vaccine would be effective.

There would be good data, and they would have a chance to prove it.

But at the moment

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