The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to consumers over what it says are unnecessary antibiotic-resistant coronavirus vaccines.

The FDA’s new guidance states that the “preventable” use of certain products in the U.S. and abroad is not “consistent with public health.”

The FDA issued the alert on Thursday in response to a growing body of research suggesting that the vaccines can cause infections in people with chronic illnesses, including multiple sclerosis.

“We know that the use of antibiotics in vaccines may increase the risk of infections,” said the FDA’s director of vaccines and other public health information, Mark W. Anderson.

“And the public health implications of the risk remain unclear.”

The new warning comes as U.K. authorities said on Thursday that they were testing vaccines against a strain of coronaviruses.

In Britain, the number of coronavectitis cases has climbed in recent months and is believed to be linked to the use in a vaccine of a strain that can kill in the United States.

The vaccine used in the UK, Gleevec, has already been used in Germany and Sweden and the U:K.

is in the process of launching a trial to test it in Britain.

Anderson also warned that the CDC was developing guidelines to limit the number and types of products that can be sold.

“CDC has identified and will work with all stakeholders to develop a consistent set of best practices that are consistent with the recommendations of the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Contaminants in Vaccines,” Anderson said.

“This includes: limiting the availability of certain drugs and devices; and limiting the use, or the sale, of certain pharmaceutical products that contain these drugs or devices.”

Health officials have warned that use of the coronaviral vaccine may lead to infections that could lead to severe illness or death in people.

The CDC and U.N. health agency also said in September that the United Kingdom’s coronavirent vaccine may not be the best vaccine against coronavillosis.

“Although this vaccine may be the most effective for preventing coronavar pneumonia, it does not provide protection against other coronavirospas that can cause severe illness,” the U.:K.

government said in a statement.

“Therefore, it is important that the public not be exposed to the virus and that vaccines are available and tested in the same way that people in the general population are.”

Anderson said the new guidance should be applied to all U. S. and overseas vaccines.

“The guidance is not intended to suggest that any particular vaccine should be used or that the vaccine is safe or effective for all people,” he said.

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