Medical facilities in Canada have long been allowed to serve their patients in private and in private homes, but under new guidelines, that’s about to change.

The Canadian Association of Medical Colleges (CAMC) and the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) have announced the creation of a new health-care certification system to govern the practice of medical care.

The system will require new certification tests and a new licensing process to operate.

The changes come as more patients are moving into public hospitals, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other facilities that are staffed by trained health professionals.

The new certification system will allow for more people to be covered under the Canada Health Act, which provides access to health care.

Health Minister Rona Ambrose said in a statement the government is taking steps to ensure Canadians have access to the highest level of medical services.

“This new system will provide patients with the confidence they deserve when accessing the care they need,” Ambrose said.

The CMPA and CAMC say the new system was developed as a response to a series of medical emergencies, including the Ebola outbreak and a coronavirus outbreak in London, Ont.

The two groups have said that in recent years the number of medical homes with private residents has fallen sharply.

But they say the CMPB’s new system “does not take into account the unique circumstances and needs of private hospitals.”

“In our experience, private hospitals are not equipped to provide the level of care they can provide in a public hospital setting, and that’s the issue we’re trying to address,” said Dr. Robert Schreiber, chair of CAMC’s health and safety committee.

The government is also introducing a new set of health-related standards to regulate the supply of certain products, including prescription medicines, lab tests, supplies of sterile needles, and the supply and use of equipment and tools.

The rules, which are still in draft form, are being drafted to give the government the ability to impose stricter requirements on the supply chain and to require suppliers to report any safety concerns.

The Health Department says it’s already seen positive responses to the new requirements, and will be working with the industry and with provinces to develop more stringent regulations.

Ambrose says the new health certification system is expected to be available by the end of the year, and it will help ensure all Canadians can access safe medical care while also improving health-system effectiveness.

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