Medical foaming and dry cleaning products are being used by many patients, and some are getting sick from drinking it.

A recent study found that medical foams were contaminated with E. coli and salmonella, and had been found in a number of US hospitals, including at a New York hospital.

The study found the amount of E.coli and salpumre in the product varied widely, from 0.4% in some samples to 5.4%.

The researchers also found the product was contaminated with a chemical called acetone, which can cause respiratory problems in the body.

A number of other health problems were also reported.

In some cases, the products were being used as a sanitiser for people who were vomiting.

Dr. David Ostrovsky, an infectious disease expert at the University of Minnesota, said that there were three ways to drink medical foamy and dry cleaner: using it as a mask to keep the air in, or using it to wash away excess mucus, which makes the product feel sticky.

“I think that a lot of people don’t understand that it’s not just mucus that’s causing this problem,” he said.

Ostrovskys team conducted a study on a hospital where the medical foamer was used as an air freshener.

He said that, because it was used in an open environment, it was not considered safe to use as a medical mask, even though it was being used in a sterile setting.

In another study, the researchers used a similar mask to the one used to sanitise a patient in a hospital.

“If you’re trying to wash down the mucus from your face and your scalp, and you’re drinking a lot, it’s going to wash out a lot more mucus than if you’re wearing the mask, and it’s probably going to cause you more problems,” he explained.

Ostrevsky said that in the case of a patient who was vomiting, there was no way to avoid drinking from the medical mask.

“You can’t even wash it off, and that’s why we used the mask,” he added.

“So you’re actually just putting this material over your mouth.”

A recent review by the World Health Organization found that some of the health problems reported were caused by the use of medical foamed and dry cleaners.

It found that patients had to use sanitary products as a result of contamination, and were exposed to bacteria from the products, and to dust and fumes from them.

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