The city has been fighting to get its residents to breathe cleaner air for years, but a group of doctors and nurses are urging the public to keep an eye out for any airborne contaminants.

The group, called Doctors for Clean Air, issued a press release Friday calling for an urgent public health response to the threat posed by soot, ammonia, and other airborne contaminants that have become a growing concern in the city.

The issue has come to the fore again after a massive fire swept through an apartment complex in the Bronx that destroyed more than 400 apartments, causing widespread power outages.

The New York City Fire Department said Friday that about 20 firefighters were killed in the blaze, which destroyed some 800 buildings in the borough.

It is still unclear how many residents were affected by the blaze.

The cause of the blaze remains under investigation.

Doctors for Clean Up has also been urging people to look for the odor of soot from smoke inhalation.

In New York, the odor can be felt from miles away.

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