When it comes to healthcare, there are few things that are more important than the safety of the health care workers.

That’s why the NFL has been one of the first leagues to provide healthcare workers with the equipment they need to be safe.

But now, there’s a new issue plaguing the game: Healthcare workers are getting sick from improperly stored and/or mishandled medical equipment.

The NFL has taken a number of steps to prevent this, but this is one of them.

The NFL has instituted a rule that states that any equipment that was stored in the wrong condition or was improperly handled must be returned to the league immediately.

The league has also set up a special facility in which medical equipment can be returned.

The rules were implemented by the NFLPA and are intended to prevent further problems and prevent a repeat of the 2011 lockout, when over 3,000 medical workers were injured and 1,000 suffered permanent injuries.

But that was only the beginning of the problems that plagued the league.

After the lockout ended, the NFL had a significant amount of medical equipment left over from previous seasons that had not been properly stored.

This led to a number incidents of workers using these items improperly, according to the NFL.

The league also had a number issues with its new medical equipment, including a new rule that requires that a player who receives an injury need to remain in the game until the injury is healed.

That rule caused issues for players who were unable to leave the field, and in some cases, for injured players who needed to return to the field.

The new rule also required players to wear a mask.

This was a problem that could have been prevented with proper handling, according the NFL, but that hasn’t been the case.

The organization has put in place measures to prevent injuries, but the NFL says there are still issues with the rules.

“The league has identified some of the issues that led to the 2012 NFL lockout and have taken a series of proactive steps to address them, including the creation of a special, 24-hour facility that will provide the NFL with an additional safe and secure environment for its medical personnel,” the NFL said in a statement.

“In addition, the league has implemented an emergency management protocol to ensure that medical equipment returned to its original state, when it is not in use, is properly disposed of, stored in a safe and sanitary manner, and does not pose a risk to the health of players or others.”

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