By Giulia Caraccioli The football manager of Juventus FC has expressed his “disappointment” that the Italian Football Federation is considering restricting transgender players from the team for a medical course.

The Italian Football Association (FIGC) has decided that players with gender dysphoria (gender identity which differs from the sex assigned at birth) should not be able to compete for the national team, which is based in Italy’s north-west.

The decision was announced last month by the FIGC’s president, Francesco Della Valle, and has not yet been fully implemented.

The FIGC said it would “take appropriate measures” if the decision is implemented, and added that it would consult with the medical community.

“I am disappointed that the FIGS is putting forward a proposal which will affect the professional football of young people.

We will no longer accept this as the right way to treat people,” Filippio Filippis’ former assistant coach, Stefano Giordano, told the daily Corriere della Sera.”

We have no choice, we have to fight for the equality of all people and this is what we are doing,” he said.

The proposal has been strongly criticised by several players and coaches.

“It’s absolutely crazy to impose the rule on a team which, in our opinion, should be playing the best football in Italy.

We don’t need the rule to decide how the teams play,” Fenni Pazzini, a member of Juventus’ squad, told Corri. 

“We are only doing this because we want to make the team stronger, and to make it more attractive to young players. 

 If the team decides to play against the national side, then the player is not going to be able, on the basis of medical opinion, to play for the team,” Pazzi said.

“But if it happens, it will be a huge disappointment. 

‘This is what the Italian football has become’: Footballers ‘disappointed’ with proposed rule changeFor a team like Juventus, who are renowned for their defensive prowess, the rules could have a huge impact on their chances of success.

The Bianconeri are ranked fourth in the Serie A table and are currently two points off third place.

The team is currently seventh in the Champions League table, with three points separating them and the bottom-placed side from fourth-placed Monaco. 

Last month, the Serie C club were fined by the Italian Federation after their players were caught in a sex scandal. 

The FIGS said the disciplinary committee had rejected a request from the club to suspend its players for two years.

The Serie A club said it was “disappointed” with the decision, but that the disciplinary process was “very simple” and that it had decided to follow the decision of the FIGCs disciplinary committee.”

If a team wants to be in the competition, we are going to play them,” Fili said. 

Meanwhile, Juventus midfielder Stefano Pavolotti told the La Repubblica newspaper: “I don’t want to talk about the issue.

We are the same as everybody else, we’re human beings, we all need to live in the moment and be happy.

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