Business Insider’s Jeff Nelson reports that a new medical hand wash technology is being rolled out at several hospitals across the country to help ensure patients get to the bathroom in a timely fashion.

According to the New York Times, the company that made the new product is Medi-Clean, which was originally founded in New York City in the early 2000s.

The technology is essentially a medical device that can be used to clean and sanitize medical instruments, but it also works for other medical tasks.

In its press release, Medi Clean explains that its technology works by washing the surfaces of medical devices so that the surfaces absorb the water that comes out of the device and the medicine is cleaned.

As for the process itself, Medisack describes its machine as a handheld dispenser with a removable cap that can dispense a wide variety of medical products.

The device itself is also designed to work with other medical supplies, including a vacuum cleaner, a mouthwash, and even a humidifier.

The company also claims the technology can also be used for cleaning surgical instruments.

The product can be set to wipe away the dirt and debris from surgical instruments, which in turn cleans the instrument and cleans any other medical equipment that may have touched it.

This could be particularly useful for hospitals that have had issues with dirty hands, but the device is also expected to be able to wipe up any other contamination left on medical equipment.

It’s unclear if any other hospitals are using the new technology.

The technology has been tested at several large hospitals and is expected to go into commercial production sometime next year.

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