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August 11, 2018 12:04:03AMThe beta will feature some big changes for Fallout 4.

The game will now include a third-person camera, and it’s possible the game could also use a third player to shoot at the game’s characters, as Bethesda has done with its first two Fallout games.

Bethesda also hopes to make the game more accessible to a wider audience.

This beta also marks the first time that Fallout 4 will be able to play on PC, as the beta will be limited to PC.

In fact, the beta’s gameplay will be entirely in the new Fallout engine.

We have not yet seen a trailer for the beta, but Bethesda did release a few images from the game on Twitter.

We can see a trailer showing a new map, the Vault, and a new location, which is where the Vault-Tec vault was previously.

The Vault also appears to have a new NPC named “Vault-Tectonics.”

The beta also includes new character animations and a revamped companion system.

Players will be rewarded for completing the game with new perks, like the ability to create new companion companions for each companion they meet.

Players will also have access to a new character creator, which will allow them to create a variety of different companion characters for Fallout.

The beta’s first public patch is expected to be out in the coming days.

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