The NHL has long been known for its medical hygiene initiatives, and it’s also seen its share of injuries.

But the league has long said it wants to take a more proactive approach, with more research on the effectiveness of the products.

The NHL and its players are asking for help with its medical care and its brand.

The league wants to see the research on medical hygiene from other organizations before making a final decision, league president Brian Burke told reporters Thursday.

It’s not just the health care side of things that the league is asking for a look at, he said.

We’re also looking at other aspects like the environment and the safety of the players.

“Burke said the league wants all its players to know they are getting the best medical care possible.

It’s also looking to learn more about the products and the way they work.

The league is also looking into how the products are packaged, which could help the company better identify which ones work and which ones don’t.

He said the NHL has seen a decline in injuries, especially from the last few years, and the league would like to see an uptick in injuries to make sure it can keep players healthy.

But some teams, including the New York Islanders and Minnesota Wild, are not on board with the league looking at products.

Some owners have complained about how much money is being spent on medical equipment and other products, but Burke said he thinks there is a need to figure out how to spend that money better.

The NHL also wants to get more involved with education, and Burke said the players and their parents need to know about medical hygiene and the products they are using.”

It’s about educating the public and getting the kids and families to understand how we can make sure we can be good stewards of the money that we have and how to make it more efficient.”

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