Medical hygiene is becoming a more important part of life and one of the biggest challenges for anyone who’s ever had to deal with a case of coronavirus.

But how do you keep yourself safe from the flu, the coronaviruses or even the deadly flu?

The experts are here to help you with that.


Find out what you need to know before getting vaccinated 2.

Get the facts about the flu with the flu facts guide 3.

Get an idea of what you’re in for with flu facts quiz 4.

Get a look at what the flu is and what it can do to your body to protect you from the virus, with the vaccine guide.


Get more flu facts, with this guide 6.

Know the symptoms of flu, and get advice on avoiding the flu 7.

Find the best ways to protect yourself against the flu 8.

Find some simple ways to avoid the flu.


See how to get the flu vaccine, and how to use it effectively.


Learn more about what you can do about the virus in the UK and abroad.

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