If you have been struggling to find a new place to sleep, you can now take your friends to bed in comfort, for a low monthly fee.

The move has been welcomed by many, with many claiming that they would prefer to sleep on their sofa, rather than in a shared room.

Now, some of the most popular sites are offering a new option, with beds costing just £6 a night.

This is for people who have already had a bad night, or those who are in the midst of a serious illness, and are looking for a cheaper option.

The cheapest bed available is currently available at the National Bookshop, priced at just £3.99 a night, while the £3,000 bed for someone who has a serious medical condition is currently on offer at the Independent Bookshop for just £2.99.

For those looking for more comfort, you could also check out the £11,000 mattress at Bed-a-Go, which can be had for just under £3k.

For the rest of us, a bed of your own will be just £4 a night for people with no serious medical conditions.

The BBC’s Andrew Marr reports from Edinburgh, Scotland.

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