The Health Minister has unveiled a health strategy for the next five years which aims to ‘protect the public health and provide quality care’.

The strategy outlines a range of measures, including a ‘medical hygiene’ initiative and a campaign to educate Australians about hygiene.

The strategy is part of a broader national plan to ‘make sure people have access to the most effective, quality, and affordable medical supplies’ in order to ensure Australians have access and quality healthcare.

Dr David Shulman, Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health, said the plan will target ‘those Australians who are at greatest risk of having an infection and those most at risk of needing hospitalisation’.’

It will be a focus on the most vulnerable Australians,’ he said.’

We’ll be targeting people in the community, the elderly and those in low-income households.’

The Health Minister’s strategy says that ‘hygienic practices should be encouraged and those who are unable to do so should be provided with safe and effective means to provide the health and wellbeing of others’.’

The most important part of this strategy is to make sure that we protect the public and protect health and we are doing this through a focus around a ‘healthful community’.’

We’re making sure that people have safe and reliable access to essential health services and the most important thing for people is to have a safe and healthy community.’

The Government is also launching a public health education campaign.

Dr Shulmann said the strategy would be part of the Government’s commitment to reduce the number of people who die from the disease of infection.’

It’s very important to recognise that we have a public-health emergency situation and this is something we’re all very aware of, we know we can’t control all of this,’ he explained.

‘But we’re really committed to making sure we have access in the future for all Australians who need it.”

We’ve got to get this right’Dr Shuleman said the Government would not be able to control the situation on its own.

“We can’t make decisions on our own because we have to balance a number of priorities and a number in terms of resources, so we’re very focussed on that,” he said, adding that the strategy was in the public domain and that the Government was confident that the plan would be successful.

Dr Shula said the ‘hybrid approach’ of ‘healthy community and safe and accessible’ would work with the Government to make the best possible use of resources.’

There will be different strategies and different approaches,’ he continued.

He said the health strategy was designed to provide a ‘balance’ to the current public health emergency.

It would also help the Government ‘focus on prevention, not the disease itself’.’

If we can manage that, it will be very successful in the long term,’ he concluded.


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