A medical handwashing service provider is getting $10.5 million to provide medical hygiene services to more than 2,200 clients across the country, with the help of a new medical technology.

The medical technology company will work with the State Health Service (SHS) to improve the efficiency and speed of its medical hygiene and handwashing services and to promote the use of the technology.

In the new contract, the company is set to provide three handwashing stations, one for each of its clientele, and to provide a medical technology provider with three machines.

The new contract was signed between the Health Services Department and the Healthcare Technologies Company Limited (HTCL), the company said.

The contract has been signed by Health Services Minister John Rau and Health Minister David Johnston.

Mr Johnston said the Government was committed to ensuring that the medical technology sector could continue to deliver high-quality and reliable services for all people in New South Wales, including those in remote and rural areas.

“New South Wales is the first state in Australia to provide affordable medical hand hygiene and hygiene services in remote areas and the first in Australia in Australia,” Mr Johnston said.

“In 2017-18, our total spend on medical hand washing and hand hygiene services was $2.4 billion, which is equivalent to a rate of $4.5 billion a year.”

This new contract will see the Government invest in the supply of medical hand and hand washing equipment, equipment and software, training and other support to support the provision of high-value medical hand sanitisation and hand and finger hygiene services.

“As part of the contract, we are also providing a $1.5m grant to the HTCL for the construction of a second medical technology laboratory to ensure a rapid delivery of new medical technologies and medical hand technology.”

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