The World Health Organization has issued guidelines on the health of medical devices and medical hygiene equipment.

The WHO is calling for better education and training of health workers in the use of medical equipment.

They are recommending that health care professionals and their patients should know the basic standards of medical hygiene.

The recommendations are part of a series of guidelines that the WHO released on June 25.

They have been issued by the WHO’s Joint Action Committee on the Prevention and Control of the Spread of Illness (JACCS), an independent panel of experts that includes medical specialists, government officials, and civil society members.

According to the guidelines, healthcare workers must be educated about the proper handling of medical products.

The WHO recommends that all healthcare workers, regardless of their level of education, be able to use the devices they are using.

There are several different types of medical gear, from surgical gloves and pads to surgical masks and instruments.

The new guidelines are designed to ensure that the equipment is safe and effective for use.

The guidelines say that medical equipment should not be left unattended.

There are some exceptions to this rule, such as when the device is used to provide medical services or to treat patients.

The experts say that healthcare workers should be aware of their equipment, especially if it is used as a tool for the diagnosis of disease or a tool to treat the patient.

The guidelines also warn that healthcare personnel should be careful to use appropriate protective clothing and equipment, particularly in cases of infection.

Medical devices should be stored safely and securely, and should be used properly.

The health authorities recommend that healthcare professionals use only the materials they need to carry out their duties, and that they follow safe use and disposal procedures, as well as proper testing protocols.

The new guidelines also say that a healthcare professional should follow all safety guidelines that apply to their duties.

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