Rotary club of Lagos donates birth delivery kits to Itamarun Health Centre


As part of its interventionist initiatives in Itamarun Health Centre, in Lekki Free Trade Zone Area of Lagos, the President of the Rotary Club of Lagos, Dare Adeyeri on behalf of members donated some birth delivery kits to Itamarun Health Centre for the use of expectant mothers in the area.

Delivering the items to the representative of the community, and the head of the Itamarun Health Centre, in Lagos, on Wednesday, the President of the club, Dare Adeyeri stated that the decision to donate the items was informed by the need to check the high infant mortality rate in the area.

The newly elected President stated that in tune with the club’s philosophy of giving, the Rotary Club of Lagos decided to intervene after a careful study of the needs of the community, revealed that there was an urgent need to give pregnant women, in the area, some lifelines.

He added that besides the donations, the organisation had also come up with several interventions, aimed at alleviating the plight of this riverine community, which it had adopted as its community.

One of such interventions, he stated, was the disbursement of soft loans to the women in the community to assist them in their petty businesses.

“We are also trying to build a primary school for the people in the community, to enable the children in the community have access to quality education, without having to trek kilometres, every day.

“We believe this is a year of giving like never before. The interventions have become necessary to alleviate the plight of the people of Itamarun Community. Itamarun community is flood-prone. It is supposed to be a fishing community. But with the dredging of the area, they no longer have much space to farm. There is so much poverty in the area, hence the various interventions,” he stated.

Receiving the items, the representative of the community, and a retired matron at Itamarun Health Centre, Mrs. Helen Folarin commended the Rotary Club of Lagos for coming to the aid of the community.

She expressed the hope that the items would go a long way in encouraging many of the expectant mothers in the community to come to the clinic for delivery.

According to the retired matron, the high infant mortality rate remains an issue in the community since many of the community’s expectant mothers prefer to go to traditional birth attendants (TBAs), during delivery.

“Unfortunately, besides posing a huge risk to mother and baby’s lives, TBAs are even found to be costlier at the end of the day. But, I believe with these birth delivery kits, most of them would be encouraged to come to the clinic to deliver their babies,” she added.

Some members of the club pledged to support the community to alleviate their pains. Dr Olumide Phillips, a Past President of the Rotary Club of Lagos, promised to support Itamarun community with their healthcare needs in addition to building a school for the beachside community.

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